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osu! install/run wrapper, forked by diamondburned.

Confirmed working for numerous people


WARNING If STAGING_AUDIO_DURATION isn't working for you, add export in front of it!


Run ./install.sh as root/sudo


Run ./install.sh uninstall as root/sudo


Recommended way: ./install.sh update

Hacky way: sudo cp ./osu-wine /usr/bin/osu-wine

Installing user config file

Run cp /etc/osu-wine.conf ~/.osu-wine.conf as user

Extra options

  • osu-wine --winetricks [packages] runs winetricks inside that WINEPREFIX
  • osu-wine --winecfg opens winecfg dialog
  • marcRPC=true in ~/.osu-wine.conf enables Rich Presence support
  • LOGGO=true in ~/.osu-wine.conf uses Loggo to log, which adds extra timestamps
  • osu-wine -ul updates Loggo with the LOGGO_JOB ID (don't touch this unless instructed so)
  • PooN's wine-osu instructions:
    • At the bottom of the ~/.osu-wine.conf file, there are 2 variables:
      1. export STAGING_AUDIO_DURATION to change audio duration
      2. PATH to make osu! use PooN's Wine (you must NOT change this)
    • More information at his blog
    • If the console returns something such as line 145: 21628 Illegal instruction, please re-compile Poon's Wine manually and install it.


  • Running osu-wine does nothing
    • To fix this, run osu-wine --kill a couple of times then wait a few seconds for osu! to die off
    • Run osu-wine again